24 hour Urgent Care Near Me – find clinics in your city

Walk-in clinics or urgent care centers as they are commonly called offers many benefits over emergency rooms. Nobody can foresee an injury or an illness. Accidents don’t makes appointments and can happen anytime. If you have been injured or if you have an illness that need immediate medical attention, then walk-in clinics are the best place to go because they provide convenient medical care for people who are not able to access the hospital or those who don’t have a family doctor. These clinics provide quality health services to individuals who have an injury or medical condition that require critical medical attention. Unlike emergency rooms, twenty four hour care centers are less expensive but provide quality medical care services to patients. Walk-in in clinics are not attached to any hospitals, however, in some cases, they can share the same ground. Many individuals who visit this type of clinic have their own physicians but they cannot access their services on that particular day because of many factors one of them being that the physician working hours has ended. If the patient condition is not so serious to force him/her to go to the emergency room, then the patient may opt to go to one of these places for treatment.. Read more here – > http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-healthcare-real-estate-1011-biz-20151009-story.html

These 24/7 centers began to emerge in the early 1970s. Many health insurance companies encouraged their clients to use these medical clinics whenever they needed critical medical attention and could not access their regular physicians as well as those who could not get to their doctors on time. The main reason why insurance companies encouraged their clients to use this type of clinics is because they offered quality medical care service but at a reduced cost. Round the clock medical facilities can help save life because they can treat certain medical conditions before they escalate to a critical point. For instance, if your child has a sore throat and he/she gets treatment within 24 hours, the illness can easily be treated with over the counter medication such as antibiotics. However, if the illness is ignored for some time, it can escalate to a point where it could threaten the life of the child and may force the parent to take the kid to an emergency room for essential medical care.

Walk in facilities usually operate on the basis of first come first serve basis. This means that if you find the center crowded, then you will be forced to wait before you get medical services that you are looking for. This type of clinic can offer many medical service depending on how well they are equipped. However, if the physician at the clinic sees that the condition of the patient is serious, then he will send the patient to an emergency room. They can also refer the patient to the main hospital for further treatment if they lack the expertise or equipment needed to treat the patient.

Just like emergency rooms, many walk in facilities usually perform basic medical testing such as medical imaging like X-rays and ultrasound so as to correctly diagnose the illness that the patient is suffering from. After you have been treated, the doctor will recommend that you do follow up visits with your local physician or come back to the clinic for further diagnosis and treatment, if your health condition does not improve.

Main benefits of 24 hr urgent care clinics

  • Easy accessibility

One of the greatest and most important benefits of walk-in medical facilities is their accessibility. Most medical facilities don’t open on weekend. As a result, most patients are usually forced to travel for long distances in order to get medical attention. Walk-in facilities usually operate for extended hours meaning that you can walk in to any clinic and get quality treatment regardless of the time of the day or night. Walk in patients can get quality medical care whenever they need it.

  • Quick services

When you are ill or injured, time is definitely of the essence. You don’t need doctor’s appointment  when you visit a walk-in clinic. In addition to that, you will not be forced to wait for many hours before you get to see the doctor. The quality of service that you will get from this type of clinic is quicker than going to an emergency room. The average waiting time is not more than 10 minutes.

  • Qualified physicians

These facilities have the most qualified medical professionals who are very experienced. Therefore, if you visit any walk-in clinic, you can be sure that you will get attended by qualified physicians who are committed to ensure that you get quality medical service. They are licensed and certified by medical board.

  • Quality diagnosis and treatment

Quick and correct diagnosis is very important. It will determine the quality of treatment that you will get as well as if you are going to get the right treatment. If the physician does not diagnose the problem affecting you correctly, then he/she will administer wrong treatment which may make your current medical condition worse. Walk-in facilities are equipped with high quality medical equipment such as ultrasound and X rays that enables walk-in physicians to correctly diagnose the problem and offer the right treatment to the patient.

  • Cost effective

If you need immediate medical attention but you are on tight budget, then walk-in facility is your best option. When compared to the cost visiting a primary care physician, these type of clinic usually runs on much less. Walk-in health care facilities are also the favourable option for patients who don’t have medical insurance because they cost less than emergency rooms. In some cases, walk-in health care can offer special for vaccination or routine exams, a factor that help to save the patient money.

In conclusion from the above information, it is evident that walk-in health care facilities are suitable for patients who are looking for quality health care service at cost that is reasonable and affordable. In fact, most health insurance advice their patients to use these clinics. Therefore, next time when you need urgent medical care and it is not life threatening, visit the nearest walk in facility and you will see for yourself the quality of services that you will get.